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If digital marketing is like a strategic, data-driven, customer-centric popularity contest ... social media marketing is the on-stage interview bit of the contest and your customers are the contest judges.

It's fashionable to say social media marketing is more than just a popularity contest. And, to be fair, those who say that aren’t entirely wrong. Social media enables businesses to engage with current and potential customers and to receive both direct and indirect feedback at near instantaneous speeds.

Brand Monitoring

evevo improves your reputation by producing measurable social media content and using the latest tools to track and adjust your marketing messages when needed.

Social Media Contests

Popular community based platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can quickly skyrocket your web traffic. Our social media experts develop marketing strategies that fit your brand and audience.

Social Media Management

Running one effective social media campaign is a full time job. Running several at a time requires a dedicated team. evevo social media experts provide the resources and bandwidth to handle multiple simultaneous social media campaigns on your behalf.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

Without a consistent brand recognition across all platforms, your social media marketing efforts will never reach maximum velocity. evevo social media consultants create high quality, synergistic cross platform content that resonates with your customers.

But, while social media marketing can exist without the brand/business to consumer feedback loop, it can’t survive without some measure of popularity. Which is just a complicated way of saying, "You can talk all you want, but if no one listens, you won't get what you want and they'll never know what they're missing."
At evevo, we understand social media. We develop specific social media marketing strategies designed to elicit actionable feedback from your target market. We provide fully managed and supported social programmes that include share-worthy content generation and communication channels over which to distribute that content. Channels like blogger outreach and video distribution.


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