Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing was social media marketing before social media became cool.

(And, for business, email has never been more relevant … or cool.).

Remember receiving email forwards with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of names in the recipient list? We do. Sure, today's social media platforms have significantly advanced beyond email's simple capabilities, but we remember a time when emails were the first user-generated content to go "viral".

Today email remains one of the best tools businesses have to market their products and services. As a universal concept, email is as widely accepted as the telephone. Everyone in every demographic instantly "gets" email—which isn't always true about other communication platforms.

Mastering email is still a key to business and majorly impacts revenue, longevity and customer retention. evevo provides comprehensive solutions for email marketing. From template design, to delivery and open rate tracking and reporting, we do it all.

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

evevo email marketing and communication teams develop strategies to build your list by attracting target audiences through content and information giveaways and other list building techniques.

End-to-End Email Marketing Campaigns

We handle everything. We design, build and supply email templates then fill them with engaging content your customers will enjoy. If you're stuck at where to begin, evevo email marketing experts can get you going.

Email Template Design

Innovative, creative template designs are a built-in part of our email marketing service. evevo's roster of professional graphic designers bring your messages and your brand to life.

Tracking & Reporting

We strongly believe data-driven decision making is the best way to run a successful business. We track and report on every aspect of your email campaigns, including open rates by subject line, user interaction and conversion rates.

We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.
Our winning e-mail formula combines strategy, implementation and tracking. And we toss in relevant, engaging, well-written content just to have a little profit-boosting fun.


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